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Dream Big, Live Now: A Guide to Present Joy

Hey there, ambitious dreamers!

As the CEO of Vision & Heels Coworking here in Downtown Deland, FL, I see countless passionate individuals chasing their goals with laser focus. It's inspiring! But sometimes, that laser focus can become a tunnel vision, leaving the present moment feeling blurry. Here's the thing: while striving for your future is crucial, neglecting the present is a recipe for burnout.

So, how do you find balance? Here are some tips I've learned (and witnessed!) in the vibrant coworking community at Vision & Heels:

1. Find Your "Why" with Present Happiness in Mind

What truly fuels your fire? Is it the financial freedom to travel the world? The satisfaction of making a positive impact? Being able to provide for your children? When you connect your goals to a present sense of purpose and well-being, the journey becomes more fulfilling. Instead of just picturing yourself on that dream beach, visualize the joy of accomplishment, the excitement of learning new skills, and the pride of contributing something meaningful.

2. Celebrate Small Wins – Every Day is a Victory Lap!

Scaling that mountain of a goal might seem daunting, but remember, every step counts. Acknowledge and celebrate your daily wins, no matter how seemingly small. Did you finally conquer that challenge? Did you land an important meeting with a potential collaborator? Did you simply show up and dedicate an hour to working on your dream project? These daily wins add up, reinforcing positive progress and keeping you motivated in the present.

3. Embrace the Spark of the Journey

Building your dream is a marathon, not a sprint. Instead of solely focusing on the finish line, learn to appreciate the excitement of the race itself. Does connecting with like-minded people at Vision & Heels energize you? Does brainstorming new ideas spark your creativity? Embrace the present moments of growth and discovery that come with working towards your future.

4. Gratitude is Your Secret Weapon

Taking time to appreciate what you have right now can shift your perspective and boost your overall happiness. Start a gratitude journal, listing down things you're thankful for each day. It could be the supportive community at Vision & Heels, the delicious coffee that fuels your mornings, or the beauty of a local sunset. Gratitude grounds you in the present and reminds you that happiness can be found right now, not just in some distant future.

5. Schedule Time for Present Joy – It's Not Selfish, It's Strategic

Don't let your future goals become all-consuming. Actively schedule time in your calendar for activities that bring you joy in the present moment. Connect with fellow entrepreneurs at Vision & Heels over coffee, pursue a relaxing hobby, explore the vibrant art scene in Downtown Deland, or simply unwind with a good book. These moments of rejuvenation will energize you and make you a more effective pursuer of your future dreams.

Remember, dreamers: living in the present doesn't mean abandoning your future aspirations. It's about finding a balance, appreciating the journey while keeping your eyes on the prize. By incorporating these practices, you can create a fulfilling life where the present is just as vibrant as the future you're striving for. 

Now, go out there and chase your dreams – and don't forget to enjoy the view along the way!

With gratitude and a spark of inspiration,

Jeanette Rodriguez

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