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A Letter from the CEO

Hello V&H Family & welcome to 2023!

It has been an eventful last 6 months for us, and we are thrilled for what’s ahead.

We are happy to report that we acquired an additional 320 sq ft on the 3rd floor of our building which is now our new ‘Trainers’ Room.

I want to thank our loyal members that have been with us throughout all the growth we are excited to have you all as our family – we have created a great community of MEN & Women who truly are the definition of collaborative support! I am proud to call you all my V&H family members.

This brings me to some upcoming updates and changes surrounding our memberships and offerings. We see great value in the V&H membership and are working hard to add others as members, so we wanted to make some offerings exclusive to members only!

Starting January 1st, you must be a member of V&H to book and reserve our Workshop/classroom space. Members do also receive 15% off any rooms booked so that is an additional savings on top of exclusive access to our booking calendar to ensure the dates selected are available.

Furthermore, currently our founding members & office tenants are allowed to bring guest/visitors. Founding ‘open access’ members can bring 1 guest to work alongside them in any of our available open access areas, day passes must be purchased if additional guest are visiting/working for the day. You may also book our conference room if you would like to schedule a staff meeting or collaboration hour/day with your team.

Please note as a member will automatically receive 15% off additional day passes and conference room hourly rentals. We now are also offering evening & weekend hours on our booking tool. Perfect if you need to host a workshop afterhours!

How can you help you’ve asked? Leave us a Google review – tell everyone how great we are and refer a friend to join our wonderful V&H community – we are also offering referral bonus $$ so it’s a win/win!

We are so excited for the continued growth and partnership with you all! May all your businesses be prosperous and successful, let’s all contribute to each other’s success – it truly takes a village and with you all sky is the LIMIT!

Yours truly,

Jeanette Rodriguez

CEO/Founder of Vision & Heels


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